Every year at Santa Clarita Christian School (SCCS) we have many moms, dads, and friends who come to our campus at some time during the week to volunteer for various activities.  You are an invaluable part of our program and we thank you for your service to our students. 

This information is for those who are interested in helping as a volunteer.  As a volunteer you will be asked to submit information that will allow us to do a background check.  After you sign up for a specific responsibility, the teacher will notify you and work out the details with you. In this handout you will find information and descriptions of our volunteer positions so that you can better make a decision on your ability to serve.  If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher for further information.

We really appreciate you being in dress code when you are volunteering on campus.  SCCS has established a dress code for students to encourage an academic atmosphere at the school.  As an adult, you are a role model for our students and your compliance with our dress code provides a great example to our students.  Please look over the dress code and keep the guidelines in mind as you come to campus to volunteer.  Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Elementary Room Mom/Dad

The room mom/dad for each elementary classroom is the main coordinator for all the other volunteers and the right-hand helper of the teacher.  The room mom/dad will organize the schedule for parent volunteers in the classroom, coordinate the plans of the party moms, and oversee the field trip plans.  The room mom/dad is also responsible to check all flyers or handouts that are to go home to parents and secure approval from the school office before they are sent home to parents.  SCCS does not ask parents for money throughout the year for projects, gifts, etc.  Some charges are necessary for field trips, but the room mom/dad is to oversee all parent helpers and insure that parents of students are not asked for money during the year.  SCCS provides $35 for each of the two class parties each year.

Classroom Helper

Each teacher always can use parents who can come in from time to time to grade papers, help with bulletin boards, file papers, and do odds and ends that will free up the teacher for individual time with students and teaching preparation.

Field Trip Coordinator

This individual will be responsible to plan and direct the field trips as selected by the teacher.  Elementary grades take up to 4 trips a year, while individual teachers select secondary field trips.  The field trip coordinator's responsibilities are:

  • To get the Field Trip approval forms signed by the Administrator to clear the date on the calendar.
  • To make any reservations needed well in advance.
  • To send home to parents, two weeks before the trip, a sheet of information describing the field trip and permission slip to be signed.  This form also asks for drivers for the trip.  Include time of departure, time of arrival back to SCCS, money needed, lunch plans, special clothing needed, etc.
  • Coordinating the drivers and completing the driver forms for the office.  This form includes information on driver's licenses, insurance information, car assignments for each student, etc.  All drivers must be at least 21 and all students must be in seatbelts when being transported.
  • To collect any money needed for the trip and submit to the Business Office.  They will then write one check for the entire group.  Include parking fees in determining how much to charge each student so that drivers do not have to bear the costs of parking.
  • To provide “Name Tags” for all students with SCCS's name on them.
  • To insure that those who volunteer for field trip supervision not bring sibling children with them on the trip.
  • To provide a map with specific directions for each driver.  As much as possible, cars should travel together to assist each other in the case of a breakdown or other problem.
  • To insure that copies of the driver list and all information are left in the school office, including phone numbers of the field trip location.

Reminder…secondary field trips can only be scheduled during evening hours or on Saturday.

Class Party Coordinator

The class party coordinator is responsible to organize and coordinate the efforts of parents for the 2 class parties each year.  The 2 parties allowed are for Christmas and the End-of-Year party.  For the teacher’s birthday, it is acceptable to have a half-hour refreshment time at the end of the day from 2:30-3:00 p.m.  If the teacher's birthday is in the summer, you may combine the birthday party with the End-of-Year party.  (SCCS does not have Halloween parties and does not do anything Halloween-related).The following guidelines should be followed for elementary parties:

  • The party coordinator can spend up to $35 per party, but cannot ask parents for monetary donations.  The Business Office will give the money to the teacher for each of these two parties. 
  • It is acceptable to ask moms to volunteer to bake cookies or cupcakes for the party to reduce the cost of items that need to be bought.  Please do not require that everyone volunteer to provide something; please keep everything volunteer and without pressure.
  • Money should not be collected for a teacher's birthday gift or Christmas gift.  If individual parents want to buy the teacher a present, they can on their own, but parents should not be asked to contribute for a group present.
  •  The end-of-year party must be held on campus and in the classroom; off-campus parties are not allowed.

Field Trip Chaperone/Driver

Each field trip needs approximately 5 to 6 parents who can drive and act as chaperones on the trip.  Individuals must be at least 21 years of age to drive and must have current CA driver's license and auto insurance as required by law.  It is important that volunteers realize they are acting in the role of an example and must be willing to demonstrate maturity in actions, attitudes, and dress.  Each classroom teacher will be in charge of the field trips and will direct the volunteers during the trip.

PTF Committee

The Parent-Teacher Fellowship is a valuable support group to SCCS.  The PTF oversees all fundraising efforts, provides for special school family functions, and works with the Administration in the planning and development of new programs and activities.  PTF meets once a month for approximately 1 hour.  Committee chairpersons, such as the Fall Fundraiser Chairman, Thanksgiving Feast Chairman, and others also attend the monthly meetings.