Like most private schools, tuition and other revenue alone will not fully fund all the opportunities available at SCCS. The SCCS Fund is a “traditional” private school fundraiser that will provide immediate budgetary support on an annual basis to the areas of greatest need. 

The generous giving of enrolled families, alumni, grandparents and other donors who believe in our mission will help to fill the “gap” and enable SCCS to offer valuable initiatives and programs for our students.Big

This year, The SCCS Fund initiatives are centered around facility improvements, tuition assistance, curriculum enhancements, and faculty professional development.

We have great needs beyond what tuition will cover. Our goal is 100% parent participation. No amount is too small and all donations are tax deductible!

To make it fun for the students and encourage community, we will be updating SCCS families on parent participation and donations received within each grade. At the end of the campaign, on December 31, 2018, the grade with the highest parent participation AND highest amount of donations received will earn a party bus ride to In-N-Out Burger with Dr. Jones.

Please take time to learn more about The SCCS Fund and embrace this important initiative. We need the financial support above and beyond tuition to help us prepare students to live a life that is Christ-centered, academically sound and expressed to its fullest so it might positively impact the world. Please prayerfully consider what your family can give.