What is the Parent Advisory Committee?  
In response to the accreditation process, SCCS has created the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) to increase the involvement of its parents in the ministry of the school.  The purpose of the PAC is:
To increase two-way communication between Principal & Administration and parents.
To jointly develop creative solutions to our most pressing needs.
How does it work?
The school Principal and Administration will discuss the school’s most pressing issues with the PAC team in an attempt to develop creative solutions to school improvement.   The Parent Advisory Committee’s will meet on a regular basis to discuss progress and solutions to our school’s challenges.  
What does PAC do?
The PAC is designed so that its members are truly just advisors.  The creation of the PAC is not meant to increase the responsibilities of its members.  The PAC parents may come as often as they would like.  This leadership committee will brainstorm ideas, discuss concerns and offer solutions.  The PAC is meant to be a springboard to increase involvement of parents is the improvement and vision of the school program.  These committees are meant to improve the parents’ and the students’ experience while at the school.  
What doesn’t PAC do?
It is important to note, the Parent Advisory Committee is not designed to make one-time decisions that should be decided solely by the school committee and/or administration, such as school lunch program, curriculum, etc.  
How is the PAC different from the PTF (Parent Teacher Fellowship)?
The PTF is responsible for all fundraising at SCCS to help keep tuition costs low and facilities in proper working order.  PTF comes alongside the teachers and staff to offer support and appreciation.  The PAC is an opportunity to come alongside the administration to creatively solve conflicts and to improve the experience of parents and students in very unique ways, as described above.  
Who is on the Parent Advisory Committee?
PAC is made up of parents of currently enrolled students who are recommended by the teachers and administration as being dedicated families who have supported the teachers and administration throughout the school year.  Serving on the PAC is a voluntary position that is renewed each year.