There’s something unique, something special, about leaving the school, home, or church you’re used to attending and journeying to a new location. The focused atmosphere, the time with friends and other Christians, the enjoyment of games and activities builds a spirit of camaraderie among students. It opens the heart to hear the word of God. The attention to spiritual things and lack of distractions give the mind a chance to refocus on the parts of life that hold eternal value.

The question is NOT, “Is it unloving to speak the truth?” The question should be, “what is the best way I can communicate my love WHEN I speak the truth?” – Ben Schettler

This year, 7th-12th grade students will head to The Oaks at Lake Hughes for two full days: Wednesday, January 23rd and Thursday, January 24th.

Be SaltyStudents will hear from Ben Schettler, founder and President of Ask or Think Ministries. He will be teaching on cultural engagement and gospel advancement through a Christian Worldview. 

Please join us in praying that the Lord will grip the hearts of the students over these two days. Pray that God’s name would be glorified through students coming to know Him as their Savior and committing their lives to Him!

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