Taking on the Torch

By: Kristen Wells, Marketing Assistant

Student led Bible studies have been a long-standing tradition at SCCS. For the past couple of years, the passion to lead fellow students through God’s Word, was conducted by A.J. Caldwell. With his graduation this past June, some were wondering who would take up the torch and press on in ministering to their fellow students. That question was answered recently when two young men stood up to take the torch, Stephen Huckabone and David Okonowski

Stephen and David take over the classroom of our science teacher, Debbie Brenner, weekly on Thursdays at the secondary lunch hour. They are eager and open for all to join. When asked why they decided to take on the torch, Stephen replied, “I realized last year that being active in a student-run Bible study was helpful because, while we may receive great Biblical leadership through our teachers and coaches, being involved helps us to build habits of actively seeking sources of Biblical learning, learn how to find fellowship and build relationships with fellow Christians who we might otherwise not connect with and, of course, learn more about God (which we can never exhaust are need of). While those points may seem less of a necessity when going to a Christian school, the precedence set can help us know how to connect once we are on our own in the world and no longer being guided Biblically by our peers.”

While, for now, David and Stephen are pulling from their own lives topics of interest to discuss with the students, soon, they will poll the attendees for topics that would be of a benefit to them. They are hoping that this will be a great time of fellowship and learning together.