By: Doron Gladden, Computer Teacher

“Coding is an exquisite way to explore the world of technology!” -SCCS Introduction to Programming student Nathan Broyles (7th grade) 

During the week of November 13th-17th, SCCS Introduction to Programming students had an opportunity to display their programming skills and digital Codeliteracy in this year’s Code-a-Thon contest through our curriculum. Many of our students have demonstrated tremendous skill, mastery, and genius in writing code, troubleshooting, and debugging program errors. The contest enabled programming students to re-engage the lessons that they previously completed, while also allowing them to expand on concepts they have learned through creative freedom. 

Over 250,000 students across the country registered for this first annual Code-a-Thon. The Code-a-Thon originated as part of’s pledge to support Computer Science for All (CSforAll), President Obama’s call-to-action for more computer science opportunities for all K-12 schools. “CSforAll empowers K-12 students to learn computer science and develop the computational thinking skills necessary to spur the transition from consumer to creator in today’s digital economy. The Code-a-Thon was highlighted as an innovative initiative that helps make computer science accessible to all students at the CSforAll Summit hosted by the White House on Sept. 14, 2016.”

As a result of our participation in this year’s Code-a-Thon, SCCS has been entered into a prize drawing with the opportunity to win 20 Chromebook computers for our school through We are thankful to God that He has provided technology to us as a means of using our minds to honor Him.