SCCS Citizenship Assessment Program

By: Mr. Wilson, SCCS Principal

The SCCS Citizenship Assessment Program enjoyed another great year. This program exists to encourage and highlight those students who are excelling still more in their spiritual formation and outward behavior. The program specifically highlights eight categories in order to encourage how students are growing as “citizens” of the SCCS community. Each citizenship trait is also listed on the child’s report cards with comments from their teacher. In addition, these same eight categories are also the monthly character themes in our Kids with Character program.

Citizenship PhotoBy looking beyond a student’s academic performance SCCS is striving to teach minds AND train hearts for God. Academics are important, but the primary reason families partner with SCCS is to reach every child’s heart with the Word of God and prepare them to make an impact in the world for Him. Therefore, it is our desire that critical feedback regarding your student’s social and behavioral development accompany the academic report.

Here’s the full list of character traits we have recognized throughout the 2016-17 school year:

September Obedience Romans 16:19

October Respect Romans 13:7

November Kindness Ephesians 4:32

December Self-control 1 Corinthians 9:27

January Trustworthiness Daniel 6:4b

February Servanthood Philippians 2:4

March Responsibility 1 Timothy 4:12

April Diligence Colossians 3:23

SCCS is blessed to have so many students who strive to exemplify the character trait of the month. However, there is a bigger vision at work in our Kids with Character program—the salvation and sanctification of every child the Lord places in this school. Ultimately, we desire every student to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and grow in His likeness. Therefore, the Kids with Character program is a critical platform for the teacher and the parent to present the gospel to the child. This is Christian education. We trust that the seeds sown by His grace will accomplish His good purposes.

As the certificates and awards are given each month, it is our aim to affirm the truth that God made all of us to live in a way that reflects His character. At the same time we recognize that Jesus is the primary example of every character trait, as well as the hope and help for each of us who have fallen short. It is our hope that this program will affirm the unique way we have all been made for His glory, and point each of us to the person of Jesus Christ as the only One who lived out every character trait perfectly.