SCCS 2016 Art & Photography Show

On Friday, March 18 the SCCS Art Department will host its annual art and photography exhibit.

This year, over 500 pieces of SCCS student art and photography will be part of the exhibit. “I am so excited for the students,” said Bob Hernandez, SCCS Art Teacher. “The students have been working hard to create amazing art pieces. All of the students’ art is fantastic! It has been hard to narrow down what will be displayed.”

Hernandez’s passion about art and the process is evident. "It’s not about the end result. It’s about the journey,” said Hernandez. “I believe in the journey – and what the students learn in the process. This year art students have been challenged in many ways with the goal being for them to get out of their comfort zone and find new ways to express themselves. One of the more challenging projects this year was the self portraits students created out of the norm. Students were instructed to build their portraits from random wood pieces and use acrylics to paint their self portraits onto the wood face. They had to use unconventional colors. It was a challenge for all the students, but led to the creation of wonderful work.”

For this year’s art and photography exhibit Hernandez will choose two of the student’s best art pieces from the elementary classes and three of the student’s best art pieces from junior high and high school. Additionally, high school students will be able to enter up to one additional art piece of their choice by Monday, March 14, 2016 to be judged.

“We have professional judges from the art community that are scheduled to come,” said Hernandez. “Judges will be awarding gold, silver, bronze and honorable mention awards for each category, as well as various awards for the group projects.” Click to download the independent award form.

Judging will begin on Friday, March 18 from 9-10 am. All students will then have the opportunity to view the art and photography exhibit during school hours. The exhibit will also be open Friday evening from 6-9 pm during the school carnival.

Additionally, in celebration of Earth/Arbor Day SCCS will be competing in an art competition. Last year’s art students made a tree from plastic bottles, and we were fortunate to take home a second place ribbon.

As you will see, this year students excelled in all their challenges and discovered they are truly creative, if they put their minds to it.