NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Supervisor Joins SCCS Faculty

By: Kristen Wells, Marketing Assistant

Santa Clarita Christian School is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Roby Wilson to their faculty as an Honors Physics teacher. Dr. Wilson holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering with a focus on astrodynamics (trajectory design) from Purdue University, where he also earned a Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree in the same field. Dr. Wilson is a member of AAS, AIAA, and Tau Beta Pi and is actively involved in the AAS Space Flight Mechanics Committee, as well as the NASA Engineering Safety Council.

Roby WilsonDr. Wilson currently works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena as a Group Supervisor leading a team that designs trajectories for interplanetary robotic spacecraft. He has worked on numerous projects over his 19 years at JPL and enjoys contributing to the nation’s space program. “As we go through the different topics this year, I am going to look for examples from my knowledge of JPL and NASA to demonstrate practical uses of the fundamental principles involved,” Dr. Wilson commented.

Dr. Wilson’s addition to SCCS rounds out the family dedication, as he joins his wife Kim who works in the Business Office, and his 2 daughters, Shelby (15) and Rachael (11), who attend SCCS as a sophomore and 6th grader respectively. They have lived in Santa Clarita for the past 16 years and faithfully attend Grace Baptist Church.

This privileged opportunity to have Dr. Wilson join SCCS leads to a unique opportunity for the students to be presented with a Christian worldview that brings a new view to physics. “God’s creation shows unfathomable creativity and complexity,” Dr. Wilson explained. “We can never fully understand the intricacies of all that He has done.  However, He has privileged us to be able to understand some parts of His creation, and Physics is a wonderful example of His creativity.  We can observe and hypothesize and experiment and theorize in so many different areas of science.  Our understanding of how and why the universe functions as it does, grows with each achievement.  I believe that this should inspire worship of the Creator (and not the Creation) and I want to challenge students to think about Him as their own understanding of Physics grows.  Ultimately, we must be saved by grace through faith in Christ.  And learning more about the universe should drive us to a deeper understanding of God and not away from Him.”

Due to Dr. Wilson’s academic credentials, SCCS will be able to offer Honors Physics as a Dual Enrollment course through Colorado Christian University.  Dr. Wilson is excited to bring his experience with physics and engineering to the students of SCCS, but mostly he looks forward to being able to share his joy of learning  and be a part of imparting to the next generation another way God has creatively made Himself known to us.