A sixth grader’s life-changing missions trip to Asia 
From January 17th through 21st, SCCS sixth grade student Anne Trujillo had the opportunity to go on a missions trip with her father and a group of six others from The Children’s Hunger Fund to Thailand to deliver Food Paks and visit Zoe International.

Anne TrujilloThis trip to Thailand is something Anne and her family have been praying about since last September. “We want all of our kids to understand that although we have been blessed with material possessions in this country, our greatest blessing is our salvation. On this trip, Anne was able to experience the joy of Christ amongst believers who are living in extreme poverty,” shared her father, Mike.

Throughout the experience, Anne kept a journal, writing daily entries. Enjoy a glimpse into this exciting serving opportunity: 

As we sat and waited for our plane, I was excited and nervous for the adventure that was about to begin. Before boarding the plane for our eighteen hour trip to Thailand, I was introduced to part of our missions team: Mr. Adam, the in-country expert, Mr. Michael, our Children's Hunger Fund representative, and Mr. Glenn, an excited short-term missionary just like me. We hopped on our plane and began the long journey to Hong Kong where we met up with the rest of our team, Mr. and Mrs. Ortiz. After quickly getting acquainted, we began the last leg of the journey to Chang Mai, Thailand. When we left Los Angeles, it was 10:00PM, but when we arrived at our hotel in Thailand, it was 3:00PM two days later - we lost a day somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. 

Our first night in Thailand, we visited the slum neighborhood. We brought food and the gospel to as many needy people as we could. It was so interesting to learn about their culture, and how these families live. Their floors were made of bumpy wood, and some of the walls were made of cardboard, but they were content with the homes they had, and took care of them with pride. We took our shoes off before entering any home as a sign of respect to the owners.

The next day we went to the hill country and delivered more Food Paks and shared the Gospel. It was so great to meet people and walk into their lives for a few minutes. The Food Paks from Children's Hunger Fund provided a great introduction into the homes of the families. 

Our last two days were spent visiting Zoe International. We toured the orphanage and got to see all of the amazing things they do to protect children who have been impacted by child trafficking. We saw how they are able to care for, feed, love, educate, and guide these children through their love for Christ. We were able to participate in a church service that was led by the kids at the orphanage where they shared some of their personal stories of the situations that they have been rescued from. They are so grateful for Zoe International, and it was exciting to see the impact that this program has in so many children's lives. 

Before we left Thailand, we made one last stop. We had the opportunity to ride elephants and watch them paint with their trunks. It was such an amazing trip, and I am so thankful that God provided the opportunity, and my dad took the time to go with me. I loved Thailand and would love to go back sometime if God provides another opportunity.