SCCS Seniors and Co-Captains of the High School Basketball team, Jordan Starr and TJ Lowery share their perspective on winning Saturday’s CIF-SS 5AAA Championship game.

Jordan Starr TJ LoweryJordan: In the beginning of the season, it was a humbling experience for us because we played a lot of very good teams and we lost. Nobody likes that, it stinks. But it taught us how hard we have to work if we want to win. Once we got a taste of winning later in the season, we got on a roll, we got hot. We want to keep the momentum.

TJ: Coach Mosley really is such a great coach spiritually and competitively. He pushes us every day to be the best we can be. He doesn’t let us take days off. He’ll call you out if you’re not playing 100%. And spiritually he tells us often that he prays for us - it’s amazing.

Jordan: Going into the second round of the state tournaments, we have a lot of confidence. It doesn’t matter if we are the number one or the 16th seed. When you are playing this time in the season each team is pretty good. We have to stay humble and work hard and keep that mentality to earn everything. We plan to keep competing until the end, until the buzzer sounds.

What are your aspirations for the future? 
TJ: In the future, I hope to play basketball for The Master’s University. Beyond college, if the opportunity presents itself to keep playing basketball, I would love that. In the long term, I would love to be involved in youth ministries working with basketball.

Jordan: If the opportunity would present itself to play overseas that would be amazing. To provide for a family, getting paid to play sports would be awesome. If that doesn’t work out, I would love to be somewhere where I’m helping kids and younger guys become men and being a mentor to them similar to what my dad does at the college. If it’s coaching or helping a church, I really would love to help other people.

Where did you go to school before SCCS? 
When we moved from San Diego, I went to another school and it wasn’t working. The basketball schedule was too demanding with a long drive to get to the school. It was wearing me out and since I hope to play basketball in college, I don’t want to get burned out now. We made the switch to SCCS because we believe there is more to life than basketball and we’re happy how it’s been working out at SCCS – both as a Christian school and for basketball.
TJ: Jordan and I were in San Diego at the same school. My family stayed an extra year. His dad offered my dad a job and it all worked out for us to be part of SCCS.

What’s different about SCCS? 
Jordan: I appreciate how small SCCS is. You know everyone personally and they know you. The teachers are invested in you. You can invest in others around you. There is a family feel here at SCCS and I like that. I like having the younger kids on campus – it’s cool that they look up to you.
TJ: I felt very welcomed at SCCS. Everyone was nice from the beginning.

What has been a highlight moment from basketball? 
Jordan: First of all, thanks so much to the fans. They have supported us the whole season. And I know that every game isn’t always the most exciting. We appreciate the support. The highlight was the Valley Torah game where everyone was there, it was packed, it was so loud. It was one of the most intense high school games.

What would you say to young kids coming up and hoping to play at this level of basketball?
TJ: Work hard. Always have God as the center of your life and He will work it out.

Jordan: Remember, there is no rush. Trust the process. You can’t get results overnight. A lot of people think that’s how it is. You spend 20 minutes practicing and expect to be awesome. It takes hours and hours of hard work. Throughout the summer, in the gym – getting the basics and skills down before you can move on. It’s a process, it’s not easy. Stick with it.

What are your responsibilities as co-captains? 
Jordan: being a leader. Helping the other guys and investing in them. They haven’t been in certain situations before. Besides me and TJ, these guys haven’t been this far in CIF playoffs before.  We have experience with that and we know how to prepare ourselves mentally for the games. It’s important to be a leader with humility and not be arrogant when we win. At the end of the day, we are nothing without Christ. We try to keep that mindset. You have to earn everything; we don’t deserve everything.