Haworth, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Oxford, Bath, London


By: Mrs. Sandra Wyllie

London 2015 SlideshowIn just a little over a month, forty-three of our students and families will travel the distance from the northernmost tip of England all the way down to its most famous city.  From verdant country landscapes spotted with thousands of sheep and cottages, to the prestigious halls of Oxford, majestic palaces and the iconic landmarks of London- this nine-day tour of England adds color and depth to the novels we have studied in British Literature.

This year marks the fourth time we have made this journey, each unique and magical in its own way.  One of the most enriching parts of the adventure, and, more importantly, its real purpose, is to magnify Christ and Scripture as we make discoveries along the way.  Each stop provides us with academic as well as biblical perspective to help shape the contour of our understanding and skillfully direct our thoughts in alignment with scripture.

This trip leaves an imprint on the hearts and minds of its travelers not only because of the depth of appreciation we have for this country and its literature, but because of the sweet harmony we have in relationships because of a mutual love for Christ.  I encourage each of you to travel along with us through our blog. We'd love to have you join us in this way so that you can intentionally and specifically pray that Christ would be honored.