On Friday, March 2, 2018, Mrs. Plew’s High School Culinary Art students competed in their very own cupcake wars. 

Six groups of two to three students created a cupcake from concept to finished product. This included creating the recipe, theme, presentation and flavor. 

Cupcake Wars“Students presented their ideas to me first,” shared Mrs. Plew. “They spent a week and a half prepping, baking, decorating, preparing their toppings and perfecting their presentations. They then presented their masterpiece cupcakes to a panel of five judges (students, teachers, & a parent from a different class). Students were judged on taste, texture, presentation and creativity.”

The best overall winners were Travis Bannerman, Gavin Kostjuk and Kaden Leos. Parent judge, Mr. Hudson added that he would totally pay $5 for the winning cupcake in a store.

“Culinary Art Students have been asking to make their own recipe for a while now and they all are very competitive,” said Mrs. Plew. “This was a way for them to take a basic recipe and adapt it to what they wanted it to be. They were able to work as a team and experiment with recipe development. The students were all very proud of their cupcake creations.”
The Culinary Arts program at SCCS is a fine art elective offered for high school students. SCCS is the only school in the state to be able to offer this as a fine arts class. Students learn the science behind menu making, portions, international cuisine, the science of food preparation, the history of food and its cultural importance, the importance of critical assessments, and artistic expression through food presentation and menu design.