SCCS Students Dazzle During the 2018 Art Exhibit
On Friday, April 20th, the SCCS Art Department hosted its annual art exhibit. More than 250 pieces of SCCS student art was featured during the exhibit.
Art Show“This is a great opportunity for students to share what they’ve been learning and areas of growth regarding art,” shared Bob Hernandez, SCCS Art Teacher. “We have some incredibly gifted artists at SCCS. All of the students work hard on their pieces and put so much heart into the final product. Narrowing down the selection for the art show is always a challenge.”
Professionals from the local art community shared their talent and passion with the SCCS community by judging the art show. 
“This year, art students in both elementary and secondary were encouraged to try new mediums and grow in how they share their point of view through art,” shared Hernandez. “We worked with clay for the first time. It was a challenge but we were successful by learning about its many challenges. We made a large Cardinal pieced together by different styles and techniques composed of squares individually made by the students. Scratch art was another challenge and for the first time the students worked with foam rubber creating their favorite sandwich. The younger students painted animals from random pieces of wood.”
Students from all grade levels received recognition and high marks for their work. Congrats to this year’s winners!
“Teaching art from a Biblical worldview really is a joy. Throughout the students’ year-long artistic efforts, they are reminded of the creativity of our Creator and how He is the greatest artist of all,” continued Hernandez. “When we create art, we are mimicking Him and His creativity.” 
Congratulations to all the students who worked hard on their art pieces.