Character Trait for the Month of January: Dependability

Our character trait for January is dependability. A dependable person is a reliable person; he has integrity and is trustworthy. In the Bible a person with these characteristics is most often referred to as faithful. Of course, God is ultimately the only One who is always faithful, but those who strive to please God and accurately represent Him on earth will also earn themselves a reputation for being dependable. As the apostle Paul reminds the church at Corinth, “It is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy.” (1 Corinthians 4:2)

There are two primary criteria for measuring dependability. First, our words should correspond with our actions. In short, only speak what you are able to follow through with, and strive to fulfill what you have said. In an even shorter statement, “your yes is to be yes, and your no, no.” (James 5:12). God Himself has set this pattern for us by giving us many promises and prophecies throughout history…and He is dependable on every one. In fact, Christmas is in many ways a celebration of God’s faithfulness. Dependability can be seen in how each of us follows through with our promises.

Another way to demonstrate dependability is by doing what we are obligated to do. Not only are we dependable when we do what we said we would do; we are also counted dependable when we do those things that we are instructed or expected to do. When God created us, He created us to be worshipers, crafted us to be holy (different), and called us to do good works. We don’t have to say we will do those things before we are obligated; and God doesn’t have to tell us before we are responsible to do them (though He does). Instead, simply because we are His creation and it is expected that each of us has this obligation (as Romans 1:18–2:16 explains).

With this in mind, God has called us to spur each other on toward this end and encourage one another to excel still more. Paul’s words to Philemon carry the same spirit for us today when he writes, “Having confidence in your obedience, I write to you, since I know that you will do even more than what I say” (Philemon 21).

For Him,
Mark Wilson, Principal