Camp Ironwood 2017

By: Lonna Gibson, Marketing Director

On Wednesday, October 4, over 30 sixth graders ventured off for three days to Camp Ironwood to learn about the Mojave Desert, skills and survival, animals and plants and God’s creation. This much anticipated trip to Camp Ironwood kicks off the sixth graders last year of elementary school.

Camp Ironwood 2017“Elementary students really look forward to go on this trip in the sixth grade,” said Ms. Walter. Students enjoyed spending time with their classmates, sleeping overnight in a cabin, as well as a wide range of activities centered around God, His nature and His Word,” said Ms. Walter.

Students were challenged in their time with SCCS Parent, Mr. Doug Lotz as he walked them through the book of Colossians. They learned about what it means to “walk in a manner worthy of the Lord” (Colossians 1:10) and how to live honestly by having their actions match their words.

Students participated in cabin discussion groups every evening and Bible studies each morning with Mr. and Mrs. Lotz. Both had special time separately with the girls and boys teaching them how to study the bible through the SOAP study: Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer.

“We can’t do good deeds to get to heaven,” said McKenna Edwards. “The only thing we can do is believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.” Joshua Negrete shared, “During small group time I learned that most idols we have are devices.”

Highlights of camp included a five-story waterslide into the lake, parents playing human foosball alongside their kids, riding horses, canoeing and surviving the famous and somewhat difficult Soldier Mountain hike! “I loved seeing the sunrise during the hike,” said Paul Lotz. Kylie Webster added, “The slide felt so cool when you leap across the lake.”

The time at Camp Ironwood may be over, but the students are left with memories and encouragement to make the rest of the year count for Christ!


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