By: Lonna Gibson, Marketing Director

On Monday, November 13th, sixteen junior high and high school students from Mr. Hernandez’s Art Class took a day-long field trip down to CBS Television Network in Los Angeles and enjoyed lunch at The Grove.

CBSSCCS parent and Vice President of On-Air Promotion, Design and Animation, Matt Hernandez shared with the students some of the traditional, 3D and special effects projects that his department has worked on for shows such as, Survivor and Seal Team.

Matt took the students through the process of a produced commercial, from the concept and idea stage, to drawings on paper, animations on screen and the finished product. Students toured the studios and saw first-hand an on-set production of CBS’ upcoming holiday campaign that is yet to air. Matt also shared with the students his background and creative journey to his current position as Vice President at CBS.

Student Testimonials:
“I would say that I want to do art, but I’ve never known what that actually looks like in the working world,” said senior Julia Phillipps. “I really appreciated seeing behind the scenes at CBS and talking to the people who work there and make all the creativity happen.”

“I had such an amazing time at CBS,” shared senior Farrell Plew. “I was so inspired to see people that go to work and don’t think of it as a job, but as something they love to do. That’s all I want to do in my life.”