On Saturday, January 13th, fifteen SCCS students ranging from 1st to 8th grade represented our school at the ACSI District Spelling Bee held at Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village. 

“When students participate in events like the Spelling Bee they get to have an experience which gives them exposure to a larger realm of academic achievement,” expressed SCCS teacher and Spelling Bee Coordinator, Jill Briganti. “They meet other students in their grade level, see another school, and get a sense that there is more beyond their own world.”

ACSI Spelling BeeBefore the ACSI Spelling Bee, six students from each grade level were chosen to compete at the SCCS Spelling Bee in December. The top two students from each grade level were promoted to the district Spelling Bee. Participating students expanded their vocabulary and built valuable language skills while enjoying friendly competition.

“The Spelling Bee is full of challenges for the memory, emotions, and decorum and provides a great learning experience,” continued Miss Briganti. “Academic competition paves a way for students to set goals for themselves beyond the classroom requirements.”

During the Spelling Bee, there were two types of competitions: 1st through 4th grade in their own grade levels and 5th through 8th grade in their own grade levels. The winners from 5th through 8th grade advanced to a ‘Spell Off’. Winners from the Spell Off will proceed to the Regional Spelling Bee in Pasadena on February 24 at Lake Avenue Church. Students work hard to prepare for this event and the overall experience promotes a sense of school pride and camaraderie amongst competitors.

“I hope students will be inspired to continue striving for academic pursuits that are beyond their own report cards. I hope that they look back on this experience and that it gives them confidence to do hard things in their future,” continued Miss Briganti. “It is a privilege to work with young people and see them grow. I love being able to teach God’s Word and pray every day with my students. I am thankful for my role here at SCCS.”

Congratulations to SCCS ‘Spell Off’ winners. Be sure to cheer them on for the upcoming Regional Spelling Bee!
2nd Place: John Morton
3rd Place: Rachael Wilson

SCCS participating students & their ranking:

  • 1st grade: Tyler Meuschke, 1st place
    Aaron Matzek, 3rd place
  • 2nd grade: Isaac Lee, 2nd place
    Keira Ruder, 6th place
  • 3rd grade: Ryan Segulyev, 1st place
    Levi Holt, 3rd place
  • 4th grade: Immanuel Ranit, 2nd place
    Jacob Trosper, 3rd place
  • 5th grade: Haylie Hernandez, 1st place
    Rebekah Kumar, 5th place
  • 6th grade: Rachael Wilson, 3rd place
    Elise Stoffel, 4th place
  • 7th grade: Tate Leonard, 3rd place
  • 8th grade: John Morton, 3rd place