2018 Spiritual Life Retreat

Building Unity and Growing Together

On January 10th and 11th, 250, 7th through 12th grade students and faculty will adventure together to The Oaks at Lake Hughes for the annual SCCS Spiritual Life RetreatSpiritual Life Retreat to focus on the Lord and each other. 

“The spiritual life retreat allows our entire secondary student body to get away from the craziness of school for a couple of days to simply ‘be together’ and to focus on Him,” explains Wiley Kennedy, SCCS Campus Pastor. “The purpose of this retreat is to kick-off the second part of the school year with all of the junior high and high school students together to communicate the same message that will both educate them and encourage them as they progress through the year.”

During the retreat, Landon Miller, Pastor of Children’s Ministries at Grace Baptist Church, will teach on the God of Creation. Additionally, students will enjoy various group games and activities. Students will have free time and opportunities to participate in what The Oaks offers such as hiking, rock climbing, a ropes course, archery and more. 

“We hope that as students participate in activities, they will strengthen bonds they already have as well as branch out of their comfort zones to meet new people and try new things,” shared Natalie Clapper, Student Activities Director. “With SCCS being such a small school, unity between the students in their grades and within the secondary as a whole is so important. At retreat, we often see new friendships form as students are challenged spiritually, emotionally, and sometimes even physically. We want to see students grow to love Christ more and as a result love others more while finding the true value in other people as created in the image of God.”

Natalie continued, “This will be my third year going on the retreat. Each year we come back refreshed (even though we may be exhausted) and closer than before. There is truly something special about getting to go away with your fellow classmates and teachers with whom you spend the majority of your days. It is an opportunity for students to renew commitments made to the Lord, make new commitments, and encourage one another in a unique setting.”

After students return from the retreat, families are encouraged to attend the In the Beginning conference at Santa Clarita Baptist Church on Saturday, January 13th from 3 to 8 pm, focusing on the same topic of creation which allows families to discuss and learn together. Conference speakers include: Dr. Jason Lisle, Research Scientist and Planetarium Director; Dr. William Varner, Professor of Bible at The Master's University; Dr. Joe Francis, Professor of Biology at The Master's University; and Dr. Matt McLain, Professor of Biology & Geology at The Master's University.

“Students are at SCCS for various reasons,” continued Mr. Kennedy. Our hope and prayer is that this retreat will point them toward the centrality of Christ and the significance of His word. We look forward to seeing the Lord work and the students, faculty and staff respond to this message.”