Spiritual Growth Isn't Always Measured by Goals

SCCS’s Varsity Boys and Girls Soccer teams have grown both on and off the field. “The boys’ team has a good group of freshmen and sophomores intermixed into the starting lineup with the juniors and seniors,” shared Coach Cooper. “The team continues to progress, as each new player learns to play with one another's strengths and weaknesses.” The team stands at 2-6-2 overall.

Students to Be Salt and Light, Serving Our Community

On Friday, January 25, the day after the Spiritual Life Retreat, secondary students will participate in a "Retreat Response." Not only will students participate in a time of worship and reflection, but they will also be able to respond to what they learned at the retreat by packing lunches for Bridge to Home in Newhall. These lunches will be distributed to the homeless community in SCV. 

What does it mean to be spiritually mature?

Mr. Savini guides his secondary boys’ Bible classes through the facets of spiritual maturity from an in-depth evaluation of Scripture. “It is important to discuss how we grow spiritually because the Bible talks about spiritual maturity in the life of a follower of Christ,” said Mr. Savini. “The book of James teaches that works (or fruit) is the evidence of true saving faith. A maturing Christian is proof of the work and power of the gospel in the life of a believer in Christ. It is vital for our students to know and be instructed by the Word of God. If this is an essential doctrine of perseverance in their faith, they must know that the proof of their faith is evident in their growing desire for loving and knowing Christ. And the hope of their growth is in the power of God in the gospel of Christ.”

Computer Scientist Skypes with Students

Mrs. Brenner’s 11th and 12th grade Anatomy and Physiology classes had the opportunity to Skype with Dr. Maarten Vanhoof, a scientist in France, through the Skype a Scientist program. Dr. Vanhoof is a computer scientist/geographer who studies publicly available data gleaned from mobile phones and makes meaning of it. He has been studying how using data can improve the efficiency of mobility within a large city, such as Paris.

Crazy, Busy, Peaceful, Holy Night

On Tuesday, December 18th at 6 pm, elementary students will gather on stage for a musical production celebrating Christ’s birth; Crazy, Busy, Peaceful, Holy Night. “We started rehearsing Christmas music at some point in September, and have been working diligently ever since,” shared Mrs. Dixon. Months of preparation have paid off as the students excitedly look forward to all being on stage together for the first time. A fourth grader shared, “This is my most favorite Christmas program I’ve worked on. It is all about Jesus and good music!”

SCCS Students Bless our Community

High school students in Mrs. Coughlin’s Personal Finance class have been learning about giving and how to budget for tithing. This week, students brought their giving plans to fruition. The first assignment given to the students this week was to give of their time in their homes. For example, some students cleaned their rooms, some did the dishes and/or laundry without being asked, and some helped with Christmas-related chores like making cookies and putting up Christmas lights.

"An Evening in New York"

Last Friday, December 7, 110 of our high school students gathered on campus for our annual Christmas banquet, “An Evening in New York.” A highlight of the evening was when it was time for awards. “The awards were all voted on by the students,” shared Mrs. Clapper. “The students created funny awards like class clown, most likely to shrink, most likely to get mad if you scuff their shoe, worst person to be stranded in the desert with.”

Students Learn from Ancient Egyptians

Miss Fay and Miss Hovey’s sixth grade students are learning about ancient Egypt in creative and engaging ways, through hands-on and interactive labs, field trips and historical events. This week students began to learn about the Egyptian’s mummification and burial process by mummifying apples. “Putting the apples in salt and baking soda will help us remove the moisture, which was exactly the same process as the Egyptian mummification process; to remove the moisture from the body,” shared Miss Fay. “Students will observe the apple over the next couple of weeks and watch it mummify. Students also fashioned a Rosetta Stone out of play-doh as an engaging means to learn about ancient Egypt. Students practiced their mummy expertise, participating in different activity stations.

The Cardinals are Chasing Another State Championship

This past week, November 26th-December 1st, Santa Clarita Christian School’s Varsity Boys Basketball Team was privileged to compete in one of the country’s premier basketball tournaments ‘The Battlezone.’ The invitation-only tournament is hosted annually by Corona, Centennial High School. At the Battlezone tournament, the Cardinals faced talented teams from Open Divisions and other higher divisions they posted a 3 win and 1 loss record, earning the consolation bracket championship. Throughout the tournament, the Cardinals carried momentum developed last season where they earned the League, CIF Division, Sectional, and State Championships. The Cardinals look to key contributions from returning players Noah Veluzat, Caden Starr, Kaleb Lowery, Justin Collins, Kevin Stone, and Leroy Thompson, while also relying on contributions from newcomers Kyjuan Cannady, Joshua O’Garro, Reagan Noll, and Ethan Schwesinger. They are led by Santa Clarita Valley Signal Sports Coach of the Year James Mosley now in his 17th season!

A Legacy of Giving

High school students in Mrs. Coughlin’s Personal Finance class are learning what it means to leave a legacy of giving. “We have been discussing how easy it is to convince ourselves that giving is something that we will do in the future,” shared Mrs. Coughlin. “We can’t think, ‘When I make as much as Bill Gates, then I'll be able to give.’ The reality is the ‘future me’ won't know how to be generous with a lot unless the ‘present me’ learns how to be generous with a little.” Coughlin’s students are learning Dave Ramsey’s approach to giving. Mr. Ramsey cites giving as being key to actually building wealth. “Live like no one else, so you can give like no one else,” said Mr. Ramsey in a video to students.