Christmas Week @ SCCS

It has been a fun week at SCCS! Kids (and staff) have enjoyed dressing up in their Christmas hats, socks, pajamas and sweaters. The week wrapped up the week with kids dressing in the 12 days of Christmas by grade and a Christmas banquet in the evening for our secondary students.

Students Experience Computer Science Through “Hour of Code”

This week, students in grades Kindergarten through Sixth Grade participated in the Hour of Code during National Computer Science Week. This global computer science initiative creates a fun and creative environment for students to be introduced to the concepts of computer programming. “We hope Hour of Code will raise the bar by inspiring students to discover new ways of thinking through technology,” shared Alisha Preheim, Elementary Dean. “We want our students to be ready for the schooling and careers that will be available to them. The career field for computer programmers is wide open and constantly growing, and the need for Christians in this field is important.”

SCCS Young Engineers Design and Build Marble Runs

SCCS fourth grade student engineers paired up in teams and explored the engineering design process as they asked, imagined, planned, created, tested, improved and presented their marble run projects this week. “First, students watched a short video by the Dyson company showing some marble run prototypes created by their engineers to get them thinking of ideas,” shared Melissa Calderon, Fourth Grade teacher. “Then they were placed in groups of three students per project and given time to collaborate and brainstorm ideas for building their marble run.”

High School Choir to Travel to Ireland

Preparations are in full swing for the SCCS 2020 International High School Choir Tour. This year, the group of 64 students and parents will travel to Lisburn, Ireland. “The high school choir department is thrilled to be preparing for our annual spring choir tour,” shared Susi Johnson, choir teacher. “We will be flying into London on March 20th, 2020, taking a scenic train up to Edinburgh, Scotland where we will do some sightseeing and minister to a local church on Sunday morning. We will then fly to Belfast to begin our week of ministry with Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC), pastored by Andrew Curry an alum of The Master’s Seminary and former high school pastor at Grace Community Church.”

Winter Sports off to a Great Start

Varsity girls basketball has begun the year with 5 wins and 1 loss. The girls team was highly successful during the Malibu Tournament, posting a 3-1 record overall. Head Coach Dennis Schwesinger, in his 7th year, and Assistant Coach Troy Lehman, in his 5th season at SCCS, are optimistic about the team’s potential. Currently, there are 4 freshmen and no seniors on the team, allowing room for growth, and on-the-job experience that could prove helpful for the team throughout the season. The Lady Cardinals have worked hard during the off-season mastering their skills and conditioning. Their

Fifth Grade and Seniors Learn Side-by-Side

Last week, fifth grade students and seniors partnered together during a unique multi-faceted project. Bringing together both English and science, fifth grade students completed a storybook and worked with English Composition seniors to receive feedback on their creative writing. “This year in fifth grade we are learning sentence structure, parts of speech, grammar, and syntax and in science we are studying extreme weather, so we provided a fun opportunity to bring these two subjects together,” explained Miss Gwinn, fifth grade teacher. “We assigned each student the task of writing and illustrating a 10-page children's storybook with the theme ‘When I Brought My Weather Home’. We want them to think creatively, combine the different subjects they are learning, and have the opportunity to work with someone older than them.”

Youngest Learners at SCCS Enjoy an Enriched Education

Kindergarten at SCCS focuses on instilling a love for exploring, growing, and experiencing the world around them for our youngest of learners. Students thrive within an intimate class size and individualized attention from nurturing teachers. “My daughter started at SCCS as a kindergartener and what stood out to me as a new parent was the small class size and the reading buddy program,” shared Mrs. Aispuro, Kindergarten teacher. “Each Kindergartener is paired with a 3rd grader and they meet a few times a month to read and do activities together. It helps them feel welcomed and make connections at a new school.” In Kindergarten, hands-on learning and experiences help reinforce educational goals and efforts. From science experiments and book reports to math and phonics games, students are engaged in fun, age-appropriate learning that helps instill a passion for knowledge through a biblical lens.

Interactive History Captivates 4th Grade Students

Yesterday, November 7th, SCCS 4th grade students enjoyed a unique educational experience through “A Walk Through California”, a lively retelling of Californian history provided by California Weekly Explorer. “SCCS has partnered with California Weekly Explorer, a wonderful educational experience, for many years,” shared 4th grade teacher Mrs. Banke. “Giving our students the opportunity to live and learn about California’s rich history from Native Americans to the present day is a real treat for all who participate.”

Students are Transported to the American Revolution

On October 22nd, fifth grade students encountered history in a unique, interactive way as they explored a “Walk Through the American Revolution” facilitated through a partnership with California Weekly Explorer. “This was a fun and interactive way to bring the American Revolution to life for our fifth grade students,” shared Ms. Gwinn, fifth grade teacher. “Each student was given the opportunity to play a part in a battle scene where they interacted with each other as different characters and were able to experience the Revolution in a really unique way. They worked on their parts and scenes for weeks leading up to the presentation and it was pure joy watching it all come together.”