SCCS Choir Students Experience Music City

On February 20-24, 40 SCCS students and 15 chaperones travelled to Nashville, Tennessee and learned first-hand what it is like to work as a Christian musician in the music industry. “The choir tour opened my eyes to the real musicality of the whole city of Nashville,” said Choir Vice President Lucas Pettee. “Just seeing the liveliness of the tens of bands I saw, as well as the people I met was a really enriching and exciting experience.” While visiting Nashville, student’s hearts were knitted together through ministry, worship and the study of God’s word while participating in numerous educational and fun activities.

Seventh Grader To Compete at the National Spelling Bee

Congratulations to Rachael Wilson, SCCS 7th grader, for her accomplishment in qualifying for the ACSI National Spelling Bee on May 3-4. Rachael and her dad, Roby Wilson, will travel to Washington DC for the competition. “We are excited because Rachael has put in a lot of hard work over the past few years studying spelling words as well as how to remain calm and focused during competition,” shared Roby. “She has made it to this level for the past three years and it is a great honor for her to make it to this year’s ACSI National Spelling Bee and to represent SCCS.” For Rachael, the hours of perseverance in studying has paid off. She has participated in the SCCS Spelling Bee from 4th through 6th grade and done well.

Elementary Students Learn to Be Wise, During Spiritual Emphasis Week

This week, SCCS Elementary students were encouraged and their knowledge of scripture deepened during Spiritual Emphasis Week and daily chapel studies. The topic for the week focused on Proverbs and “Choosing the Way of Wisdom”. The goal of this week is to help our students understand that choosing God’s wisdom is the path toward blessing, long life and peace. We helped students understand how God’s wisdom is lived out in the real world.

Teachers Are Inspired After Visit to Curriculum Creators

Last weekend, SCCS teachers Debbie Brenner, Trisha Theobald, Melissa Coughlin and Alisha Preheim traveled to South Carolina to attend a conference for educators at Bob Jones University (BJU) Press to further understand and examine the process of curriculum development. “BJU Press seeks to build curriculum with a Biblical worldview, meaning that students learn all subjects in light of how God describes reality and ascribes value,” shared Debbie Brenner, Secondary Science teacher. “As they put together a textbook and accompanying materials, they carefully consider scope and sequence of concepts as well as artwork and design.”

Disney Field Trip Helps Student Leaders Focus on their Futures

Over the weekend, 17 of SCCS secondary students in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) traveled to Disneyland for their Youth Education Series focused on leadership and teamwork. “They practiced leadership and teamwork in fun games and activities around the park like like asking 10 questions of their partners and remembering all while riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! They will hopefully implement what they have into their work at the school snack shop, Shop on the Corner, and as they pursue careers in the future,” shared Melissa Coughlin, faculty advisor for FBLA.

History Comes Alive for SCCS 7th Graders

Over the last couple of weeks, SCCS 7th grade students traveled to the other side of the world during their studies of the Middle Ages and medieval China and Japan. Melissa Coughlin, 7th grade History teacher, encourages learning through experiential assignments. “To engage students and get them immersed in learning, we started with the tea project during our studies of medieval China,” shared Coughlin. “We watched Good Eats, a Food Network show, which examined the history and different types of Chinese tea such as black, green and oolong. We considered how they are processed, what they look and smell like and how they are brewed. Students researched about how Chinese tea houses were much like our coffee houses today where people came together to talk with their friends and get the latest news.”

Computer Science Students Create and Design Their Own Video Game

This week, 7th grade students at SCCS tested their creativity and skill as they designed video games according to college fundamental templates in the class Intro to Programming 2/Game Design. “In this assignment, students developed and created different game genres appropriate to SCCS’s mission. It is pretty neat to see what they come up with!” shared Doron Gladden, Computer Science Teacher. “Some of their projects included creating games similar to PacMan and Donkey Kong, as well as creating multi-player games and ‘theme-based’ games. They were provided with general guidelines and their imaginations did the rest.”

Dr. McLain Challenges Students to Learn More About Science

On February 13, SCCS welcomed Dr. Matt McLain as a chapel speaker for the first part of a two-part series, “Origins and Creationism”. Dr. McLain is an Assistant Professor of Biology and Geology at The Master’s University and has recently joined the staff as Santa Clarita Baptist Church as Youth Director. Dr. McLain is passionate about Christians being more informed and aware of scientific knowledge as it is the study of the universe that God created.

Essay Winner Advances to State

In January, SCCS students, Sienna Rodriquez (7th grade) and Sarah McPartland (6th grade), entered an American History Essay contest, sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) on the subject of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Both students won at the chapter level and Sienna won at the district level. Sienna’s essay will now be considered at the state level. “I chose to write an essay because I was curious to compare both the secular and biblical views of the Women’s Suffrage Movement,” shared Sienna. “It is interesting to understand the history of the movement and the decades it took to achieve those rights.” Both students were guests of honor at a February 2nd DAR luncheon where they presented their essays and were awarded pins and certificates.