Students Test their Knowledge of Probability and Statistics

Last week, Algebra 2 students enjoyed the results of their study of Probability and Statistics as they played board games which they created themselves. “Students created board games that were fun, fair and yet challenging where everyone had an equally likely chance of winning,” shared Mrs. Agajanian, Algebra teacher and Math Department Chair. “This allowed them to implement their new-found knowledge of probability and statistics.”

7th Grade Students Create, Sell, Earn to Benefit Others

Last Friday from 9am to noon in the gym, 7th grade students exercised their math, creative and marketing skills as they sold products to the entire school body. Powered with information from school surveys to determine which products were marketable and $45 to $60 loans from their parents, each group of three to four students had their eyes set on being the team to make the most profit.

"The Courage to Dream Big" Gala a Huge Success!

On May 3, SCCS hosted “The Courage to Dream Big” 2019 fundraising gala at Blomgren Properties in Santa Clarita. Over 300 individuals from the SCCS community gathered to enjoy a fun evening including dinner, a live and silent auction, a dessert dash, entertainment by LeRoy Mack and the Gloryland Band and keynote speaker David A.R. White, founding partner of Pure Flix Entertainment. The evening was a record success raising over $79,000 (not to include the event expenses) for the school for facility improvements, tuition assistance, curriculum enhancements and faculty professional development.

SCCS Fourth Graders Visit the State Capital

From May 8th through the 10th, 24 fourth grade students and 26 adult chaperones flew to Sacramento for the annual fourth grade California History Field Trip.  “This field trip was designed to bring the wonder and amazement of our great state to life,” shared fourth grade teacher Mrs. Banke. “This concentrated educational excursion was filled with in-depth instruction, hands-on exploration and memorable adventures.”

Mrs. Brenner’s Life Science Class Studies Reproduction from a Biblical Worldview

This week, the 7th grade Life Science class under the instruction of Mrs. Brenner, began studying embryology and reproduction. Students will explore this information through the lens of what God says in the Bible about His creation. “At SCCS, we investigate all matters from a biblical perspective. Whether it be novels or wars, mathematical relationships or artistic expression, we strive to see how God's character and goodness is revealed, how human nature is manifested, how grace is extended, how the gospel applies and how Christ-followers respond,” shared Mrs. Brenner. “In this particular study, we see that the design and function of the reproductive system reflects God's purpose for man and woman to complement, serve and support each other. We see that God designed this process to protect two delicate cells and allow them to combine genetic material to form a zygote which can then grow and develop in a safe and nourishing environment. We consider that we are a special creation made in God's image, and that the process of sexual intercourse not only produces offspring, but also serves as a profound expression of sacrificial love and commitment that two people reserve exclusively for one another.”

Tenth Grade Students Practice Sharing Their Faith

Last week, 10th grade girls focused on creative ways to share Christ with others. Their teacher, Mrs. Jones, is working through evangelism with the class and what that looks like in their lives. “It is vitally important that students share about Jesus and the gospel with their unbelieving friends and family,” shared Mrs. Jones. “We want to help them develop tools and practice doing so. The assignment was for the girls to create a tract, cube or something of their choosing that would be a tool to use to tell someone else about Christ. I showed them some examples from a previous year.”

Seniors: Finishing Strong at SCCS

As the school year winds down, the senior class is looking ahead to each of their futures. This successful class received admission into colleges across the country. Many students received great academic/athletic scholarship packages, and several students, such as Caspian Brenner, Haley Gunther, Justin Collins and Jackson Horning, were offered full-ride scholarships.

Dr. John MacArthur Teaches at Secondary Chapel

What comes to your mind when you think of Dr. John Macarthur? Perhaps you think of The Macarthur Study Bible or The MacArthur Commentaries - these are such helpful aids in our personal times of study! Maybe Grace to You comes to mind as you think about the sermons that you have enjoyed on the radio or on the Grace to You app. You might also think of one of the 120 books that Dr. MacArthur has written during his last 50 years of ministry. For some, “Pastor/Shepherd” comes to mind as you call Grace Community Church your local place of worship. For others, Dr. John Macarthur is “President” to those who have attended, are attending, or will attend The Master’s University - what a great blessing this University has been to our community of Santa Clarita!

A Biblical Perspective on Bullying

It is no secret that bullying is a challenge that we face on a national level. As Christians, we know that our hearts are far from God and we struggle with anger, hurt and hate. How can we teach our children to have courage and love like Jesus when he stood up to the crowd and defended the defenseless? This week, Dan Broyles, Care Pastor at Valencia Hills Community Church, and Michal Wilson, Counselor, spoke to the respective 8th and 9th grade boys and 7th through 9th grade girls Bible classes about how to approach this topic as a believer.