Spiritual Life

Summer Slump or Summer Growth: What will you choose?

Summer vacation - a time to relax and enjoy, a time to take a pause from all the busy activities. A much-needed time for renewal. Yet so often during the summer, we take a ‘vacation’ from spending time in the Word and actively learning and growing in the Lord. As creatures of habit, we often depend upon the structure of the school year to keep us accountable in our devotion to Scripture study and prayer; but this doesn’t have to be.

SCCS Professional Development

Passionate, Well-equipped Educators

SCCS is committed to encouraging and providing opportunities for our educators to continue growing in their fields of study. Teachers at SCCS are continuously seeking out seminars, advanced training and educational experiences to further cultivate their expertise. Below is a collection of some of these professional development experiences SCCS educators have accomplished this school year: 

Los Angeles to Thailand

A sixth grader’s life-changing missions trip to Asia 
From January 17th through 21st, SCCS sixth grade student Anne Trujillo had the opportunity to go on a missions trip with her father and a group of six others from The Children’s Hunger Fund to Thailand to deliver Food Paks and visit Zoe International.