Santa Clarita Christian School will be hosting its 2019 fundraising gala, “The Courage to Dream Big” on May 3, 2019 at 5:30 pm at Blomgren Properties.

This year we welcome keynote speaker, David A.R. White. David is a founding Book Coverpartner of Pure Flix Entertainment with many credits to his name. David’s career hit new heights in 2014 with the release of the Pure Flix film God’s Not Dead, in which he also starred. It soon became one of the most successful independent faith-based films of all time, making his studio, Pure Flix, the most successful Christian film production company in the industry. David has been building his career in the film industry for more than 20 years, and in doing so he has learned a few things about following a God-given dream.

Highlights of the evening include dinner, live entertainment by LeRoy Mack and the Gloryland Band, a dessert dash and a live and silent auction. This is going to be a fun event! Please make plans to join us.

Live Auction:

Our live auction will feature 8 live auction items up for bid. The following live auction items will be up for bid!

Dessert Dash:

Dessert will be provided by local bakers and bakeries, and will be up for bid at our "Dessert Dash" during the Live Auction. Tables will bid as a group, and one-by-one, starting with the highest bidding table, a participant from each table will "dash" to grab their desired gourmet dessert. Highest bid gets first pick!

Live/Silent Auction Donations:

We welcome donations to be included in our live and/or silent auction. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Click here to download the silent auction form.

Looking to attend the gala?
Host a table by becoming a table captain OR purchase your tickets from one of the table captains listed below.

Click here to download the table captain form.

Table Captains:

  • Brian and Sarah Daly
  • Dennis and Diana Schwesinger
  • Ben and Tracey Scott
  • Sean and Monica McPartland
  • Matt and Amy Hernandez
  • Will and Stefanee Miller
  • Chris and Carrie Babikan
  • Louis and Natalie Downey
  • Rob and Lonna Gibson
  • Russell and Wendy Ayer
  • Brian and Stephanie Schaumburg
  • Jeff and Allison Webster
  • Brian and Denise Johnson
  • Greg and Christi Jones
  • Mark and Hope Eberlein
  • Greg and Katy Wong
  • Kelly and Jan McGuire
  • Robert and Karen Hermanson
  • Jeffrey and Jennifer Trosper
  • Daniel and Kristen Clarke
  • Michael and Melissa Ice
  • Ben and Nicole Bumgarner
  • James and Caroline Segulyev
  • Nouman and Vicki Hannoun
  • Daryl and Renne Roque
  • Tim and Liz Amey

Gala Committee Leaders:

  • Lonna Gibson: Gala Chair
  • Kristi Voiles: Gala Co-Chair/Dessert Dash
  • Amy Hernandez: Baskets/Merchandising
  • Sarah Daly: Decorations/Signage

Grade Basket Themes:

  • K: Family Day
  • 1st: Game Night
  • 2nd: Fun in the Sun
  • 3rd: Lego Basket
  • 4th: Disney Basket
  • 5th: Video Game enthusiast
  • 6th: Morning Wake-up Call
  • 7th: Marvel Gift Basket
  • 8th: Fitness Guru
  • 9th: Foodie
  • 10th: Dodgers - Ultimate Sports Fan
  • 11th: Lakers Ultimate Sports Fan
  • 12th: Football/Tailgate Basket