Help your child to:

  • Read books right-side-up and from front to back
  • Recite familiar poems and nursery rhymes to learn about rhyming
  • Match, sort and trace letters
  • Recognize and begin to write his or her own name
  • Converse with adults and peers about a variety of people, objects and ideas
  • Draw plausible predictions about stories as you read aloud to your child
  • Identify common objects in the environment to develop vocabulary
  • Begin to understand that text and pictures convey a message
  • Participate in games with other children
  • Read letters in alphabet books

Help your child to:

  • Count to at least 10
  • Understand that a number represents quantity
  • Classify objects by color, size or shape
  • Compare objects by size or weight (longer than..., heavier than...)
  • Recognize basic shapes: circles, square, triangle rectangle
  • Recognize colors
  • Begin to recognize numbers in books or signs
  • Learn position words: over/under, up/down, above/below
  • Arrange five objects from smallest to largest
  • Begin counting objects (1:1 correspondence)