Emma Coughlin

Emma is 18 years-old and currently attending Alonzo King LINES Ballet training program in San Francisco. Emma will graduate in the spring of 2019.

“Having a Christian education has completely affected the way I am living here in San Francisco,” shared Emma. “Mrs. Wells, my bible teacher and Mrs. Smith my English teacher both made a huge impact on me and my life. They taught me about the real world and what to expect. I felt more prepared to move away to San Francisco on my own. It was amazing to have faculty who truly cared about me and my walk with Christ. Now, I realize that my biblical-rooted education spreads to each part of my life, from dancing, to my social life.”

Emma enjoys dancing every single day and working endlessly on her craft. She has also been given the opportunity to travel to Italy for a month this summer to train and perform in the Florence Dance Festival. Emma’s prayer is to find a job in the next year dancing professionally. "I’m excited to continue working hard to achieve my dreams," said Emma.