On January 21, 2014 secondary students participated in NEXUS, SCCS’ annual spiritual emphasis week, featuring a daily chapel service with special guest speaker Pastor David Maitland.

Pastor Dave spoke about God’s Winners and Losers. “Our world bases its view of winners and losers on wealth, popularity, or renown,” said Pastor David. “God works in a different economy though, a heavenly economy. Christ explained this heavenly economy most simply when he said, ‘For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?’ (Matthew 16:26)  A man can gain all this world has to offer, but if he loses his soul, he is, after all, a loser.  He loses out on the greatest gift anyone has been offered; he loses God himself.”

Below are testimonials from student’s who participated in NEXUS.

Nexus was a very impactful week for many of the students at SCCS. Our speaker, Pastor Dave, helped many kids understand many of the stories in both the Old and New Testament. Pastor Dave preached on people like Ruth and David and made it applicable to our everyday life.  Nexus was a great time to grow in the Lord and see how He has used others circumstances to show us how to live.  We saw the faithfulness of God through the stories in the Bible along with the faithfulness God showed in Pastor Dave's life. Clint Ross – 11 grade

Nexus was a time where our school took a week off from our normal schooling to focus daily on the Word of God. Pastor Dave was able to communicate effectively in a different way then most of us were used to. He used stories from his life that showed the faithfulness and love of God shown through his life. His dedication to the students and constant interaction with us was something that blew most of the students away. He showed the love of Christ with how much time he spent ministering and loving on students. His interaction with the students and creative messages have left an impact on many of the students at SCCS. Shelby Sparks – 11 grade

I thought nexus was really good this year. The speaker, Pastor Dave, spoke on a new level allowing the students to relate directly. He was very open and personal with the students. This personal connection allowed kids to open up during discussion time. Besides the speaker, the worship was great as well. Many new songs were introduced and students worshipped with more passion and emotion. Josh McCarty – 12 grade