Alumni Collage

Ashley Johnson

Ashley graduated from SCCS in 2005. Ashley went on to pursue a degree from Cornell University in New York.

“I graduated from Cornell in 2009 and worked for my parents' company for three years,” shared Ashley. “In 2012, I began pursuing a dual degree (JD-MPP) at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. My summer internships included the Blackstone Fellowship through which I worked for an anti-trafficking Ashley Timororganization in DC; International IDEA in The Hague; and a project in East Timor working with their Ministry of Justice. While in East Timor, I got Dengue Fever, which caused a lot of problems my final year of school and I couldn't take the bar. I went home to Austin, Texas for a year, during which time, I worked as a substitute teacher for a small Christian school.”

Ashley has always been highly focused on her academics. “One of the most important aspects of my studies at SCCS that has been a huge help to me in college and in life, was the English program," said Ashley. "I remember doing ICWs on a regular basis in high school. I was surprised that at a top school like Cornell, I was far ahead of many students in my writing and grammar. That foundation clearly helped me to develop my writing skills well, and that has been an incredible asset in my academics, especially law school.”

Ashley also appreciated the biblical foundation she gained at SCCS. Ashley added, “I attended SCCS from second to twelfth grade. Taking Bible classes and attending weekly chapels were just part of life at the time. Looking back, I appreciate having to memorize verses and stories and being encouraged to have a daily devotion time. It's so important to know and understand who God is and how He's there for you, especially as you grow up and meet people with different beliefs or are faced with difficult challenges.”

Andrew Gilmore

Andrew is currently 33 years old and graduated from SCCS in 2002. Upon his graduation from SCCS he attended The Master’s College (now University) where he met his future wife Amy.

Andrew Gilmore“We got married two months after our graduation in 2006,” said Andrew. “I majored in Communication (Print Media) and Amy majored in Biblical Counseling. We moved to Orange County and I taught PE and Bible at Liberty Christian for the next two years before I moved into pastoral ministry.”

Andrew then enrolled at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University and was hired as the Youth Director at Village Bible Church. “I am now the Associate Pastor at Village Bible Church and I graduated with my M.Div. in 2013,” shared Andrew.

Andrew and Amy have three children and they have had four foster children in their home in the last two years.

Andrew reminisces on his time at SCCS, “It's hard to overestimate the impact that Santa Clarita Baptist Church and SCCS has had on me. So much of my formative years were at 27249 Luther Drive! I learned how to think about reading, writing, math, science, languages, history, and speech through a Christian lens. I was academically prepared with the tools I needed to almost seamlessly go from the high school classroom to the college classroom. Many of my best memories are with friends on the basketball court, whether in practice or in games. Weekly chapels, guest speakers, student leadership opportunities, spiritual life emphasis week and retreats all communicated to me that SCCS cared about my heart, as well as mind. I wish I lived nearby so my kids could attend SCCS!”


Stephen & Jodi Mercier: (Both graduated in 2005.)

Mercier alumniStephen and Jodi met at SCCS in high school. Stephen was a SCCS “lifer” and Jodi (Brown) attended SCCS beginning in junior high.

After graduating from SCCS, Stephen attended Vanguard University in Costa Mesa and played baseball. His dream to be a fireman led him to complete training at College of the Canyons and LA Valley College where he learned how to be a wildland firefighter and began working for the National Forest. Shortly after, Stephen was hired by the Los Angeles City Fire department where he has been a firefighter for nine years. Stephen has worked most of his career in South Central LA. Recently Stephen was promoted to Apparatus Operator, where he drives and leads his crew on the Aerial ladder truck. Currently he is stationed in The city of Tarzana at Station 93.

Upon graduation from SCCS, Jodi attended The Master’s University, majoring in pre-medicine, and playing soccer. “I was accepted to Loma Linda school of nursing where I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science in 2010,” said Jodi. “Today, I am blessed to be a Registered Nurse at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles with the Emergency Transport team.”

Stephen and Jodi just celebrated three years of marriage together and they live in Ventura, California at Channel Islands Harbor. “We have been so blessed by our church Reality, Ventura and have seen the Lord grow us in so many ways,” said Jodi.

“I’ll forever be grateful for my time at SCCS. It is here that I found my soul mate and created life-long friendships that are still a big part of who I am today. The close-knit family of SCCS brought us together and ultimately prepared us for our life and careers, as well as academically, professionally and most importantly spiritually,” said Jodi.

Yara Wahba:

Yara graduated from SCCS in 2014.

Yara“While in high school, I played soccer and was on the cheer squad,” said Yara. “I attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and graduated in June of 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Pre-Law.”

SCCS not only grew Yara’s love for the Lord and curiosity for His Word, but it also equipped her to defend her faith outside the Christian bubble; a vague concept that she experienced very tangibly in college.

“The teachers at SCCS always encouraged me to achieve as much as I could, not just what was required of me,” expressed Yara. “This motivation that I cultivated and grew at SCCS has helped me throughout my college career and now, as I move into post-graduate life, as I'm preparing to start a career in the field I'm most passionate about! I’m so thankful my parents chose to invest in a Christian education for me. My time at SCCS was invaluable!”

Yara is currently applying to law school and hoping to start the Fall 2018. Yara will be pursuing her Juris Doctorate! “My goal is to be an attorney in non-profit law and work with homeless/low-income populations,” Yara shared. “I am passionate about underprivileged communities so that is where I hope to focus my efforts after law school.”


JoshMajor Josh Masopust

USAF, 61st Fighter Squadron, Luke AFB, Arizona. Josh is currently 33 years old and graduated from SCCS in 2002.

“Upon my graduation from SCCS, God orchestrated my acceptance into San Diego Christian College,” said Josh. “I applied for Officer Training School to commission in the United States Air Force in 2007 and have been serving on active duty ever since.” Josh met his wife Kristin, who is a graduate from The Master’s University and married her in November 2008.

“Since that blessed day, God has granted us many opportunities to travel and deploy all over the world,” said Josh. The Masopust’s have lived in Alabama, Arizona, New Mexico and even Japan, flying the mighty F-16 for the US military. “Last year, we were informed that we would need to move back to Luke AFB in Phoenix to train pilots on the new F-35,” said Josh. “We bought a house and currently reside in Surprise, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.” The Masopust’s have two wonderful children, Caleb (4) and Karissa (2).

“God knew the path I would be walking, even back when I attended SCCS,” said Josh. “He knew the spiritual grounding that I received in both junior high and high school would be necessary in future service to our country. In light of this truth, it is exciting to think of what God is doing now to prepare us for His future purposes!” Psalm 144:1

Rachel Stroud (2006)
College(s) Attended: Westmont College ('06-'08); Purdue University ('08-'10); Emory University ('10-'11)
Career Pursuit: I am a Registered Dietitian working for a non-profit community health organization, Project Open Hand in Atlanta, GA.

Looking back over the course of my college and post-college years, I am truly grateful for my decision to go through high school at SCCS. When I entered SCCS as an 8th grader, the thing I was most concerned about was the size. Would I get the opportunities that most high schoolers have? Will I make friends in a class of 30? Will I be prepared to enter college and the "real world"?

Ultimately the size of SCCS is what I am most thankful for as I reflect on my experience. Being at a small high school where teachers know and care about their students and where opportunities abound, I was empowered to believe that I could earn leadership roles and be successful at them. I would love to say that I would have had the confidence to pursue these same opportunities at a large public high school, but today I know that I wouldn't have. Because of the opportunities I had to impact my student body and throw myself into a myriad of extra curricular activities, I gained the skills and, more importantly, the confidence to pursue these in college as well.

My other concern upon entering SCCS was whether a small school could adequately challenge me academically. I was a kid who loved learning, and I worried about whether my appetite could be satiated at SCCS and whether I would be prepared to take on the rigors of college academics. My degree program in college was heavily math/science based, so I can speak to my preparedness in these arenas most credibly. For all of my classes, I was extremely well prepared. My teachers at SCCS provided a safe environment for asking questions and personally invested in my success.

As a Registered Dietitian in the medical community today, I can see that it has been a long path of academics to be where I am today. That path started at SCCS. I took the chance on SCCS's size for the rich blessing of having teachers who were committed in their hearts and jobs to serving Jesus, and in the end, it ended up being an integral part of shaping who I am today and the impact I believe I can have on the world around me.


D. J. S.

I graduated in 2008 and am currently studying English Literature at UC Berkeley, graduating May 2013. Currently I am in the final stages of the selection process for Teach For America and looking to eventually go into public policy, disaster relief or journalism.

SCCS's English department prepared me to succeed in my field above and beyond the norm. Mr. Brown's analytical skills, matched with Mrs. Wyllie's excellent creative and academic writing curriculum, prepared me in excess for what I would face in college. Many students in my 2008 graduating class passed the AP exams with abnormally high scores. We owe that to the caliber of training we received from our English teachers at SCCS.


Susan S.

I graduated from SCCS during May of 2010 and am currently attending The Master's College studying Biology with an emphasis in Pre-Medicine. I appreciated that at SCCS, the teachers would willingly give up their time to talk with you about hard things in your life. They were also willing to talk to you about basically anything because they cared. I loved Bible classes and was encouraged through chapels and Spiritual Life Emphasis week. I loved iSERVE and would encourage people to serve wholeheartedly in that wonderful opportunity. Another aspect of SCCS that I appreciated was the readiness of the teachers to pour themselves into your life spiritually through class lectures, Spiritual Emphasis Retreat, and through their example of Christ-likeness that we would see on a daily basis! AP classes really prepared me for college and made me a more effective student while helping me with time management when taking a heavy workload.  SCCS prepared me well for school and for life in general. I appreciated the time the teachers take to invest in our lives for the short time we are in their care.


Russell Dean G.

I graduated from SCCS in 2009, went to COC for 2 years and then transferred to APU where I am finishing up my Bachelors degree in Applied Exercise Science. I am currently a Trainer at a sports performance clinic, Athletic Republic, and will continue to pursue a career in sports performance training and/or as a coach in strength and conditioning. I really appreciated how much the coaches and teachers were involved in each of the students lives at SCCS. There are many times that I recall at at SCCS where a teacher or coach was able to give great advice because of the level of personal involvement they had in my life. I wasn't just another student to them, but more of a friend by the time I graduated.  When I think back, it was like having a second family; having all your classes and being on teams with brothers, sisters and cousins, with your parents, aunts and uncles teaching the classes and coaching the practices.


Christine K.

I graduated May 2009 and am currently attending John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego, majoring in Communications Media

As a college student in my fourth year, I've been consistently surprised at how much difficulty others around have managing their academics. Whether it's time management or how to write a well-ordered paper, many of my classmates seem to struggle. I knew my time at SCCS--particularly my senior year--were rigorous, but I didn't realize until college just how much of an advantage it would give me. I guess others weren't pushed enough during their time in high school!

I would also add that SCCS helped me grow as a person. The small community with teachers who really cared about their student's growth and success, challenged me not just academically, but as a whole person. I became more comfortable coming out of my shell and developed a confidence that has carried over into my college years. My time at SCCS provided me with the formation I needed for that time in my life, and built a foundation upon which I could continue growing in college.

Brian J.

I graduated from SCCS in 2007. I then headed to San Diego Christian College where I pursued a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology (Sports Medicine) and graduated in the Spring of 2011. Following my graduation from SDCC, I went to EMT school and got my certification. I am currently working as an in-home care giver and coach baseball, one of my big passions. My career plans are still shaping out as God is opening new doors. I am pursuing a career as a Paramedic (or somewhere in medicine) and would also love to be a college baseball coach one day. Looking back on my time at SCCS, which was 12 years, I am very grateful for the teachers and coaches whose #1 priority above all else was spiritual growth. Beginning classes with prayer or practices with devotions was a blessing. Training students up to be prepared for college is their goal, but doing it in a way that puts God first is something that no student at SCCS should take for granted. Psalm 34:8 "Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him."


Micah S.

I graduated in 2010, and am attending The Masters College, graduating this May. I've been processing with LAPD since November and if things go smoothly with my Department Interview and Psychological Examination, I should be in the June Academy class.

I received a quality education from SCCS and appreciated that the teachers and coaches genuinely care for the students. Teachers like Mr. Brown and Mr. Edick made learning a special experience. I would give my gratitude to the school for helping me become a well-rounded, hard-working individual.


Jacob H.

I earned an AA and an AS from COC and will earn a Bachelor's of Science with a major in Nursing from UCLA in 2015. I plan to become a nurse and use that to serve in the mission fields in developing countries. Lastly, I appreciated the opportunity  to take classes that actually study the Bible and aspects of our Christian walk. Since going to secular schools, I have not had the same opportunity and wish I took greater advantage of it at SCCS.


Jeff M P.

I graduated in 2005 and am currently  in school at Orange Coast Community College in Costa Mesa. I plan to graduat from CSULB in 2 years, a little later than planned due to serving in the Marines for 4 years. I am also pursuing employment with LAPD.
I appreciate SCCS being a tight-knit school. The teachers really do care about you and want you to succeed in school and in life. I love the Christian values that were taught and are still taught, keeping God # 1. I also greatly appreciate the amazing support I received while I was in the Marines.


Eric W.

I graduated in 2010 and currently attend Biola University full-time.

I appreciate that SCCS is truly committed to christian education. I became a Christian in my senior year at SCCS because of my teachers' faithfulness to integrate faith and learning. Though I had grown up in a christian home with strong Biblical teaching, I finally made the commitment to serve the Lord because my teachers took the "christian" part of "christian education" seriously. At SCCS, I learned to write, analyze literature with a keen eye, how to identify a redox chemical reaction, and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. I would not have gone anywhere else for my education. I decided to attend Biola University because SCCS taught me to value a robust education with a distinctly Christian foundation.


Robert J.

I graduated in the class of 2011 and attend The Master's College majoring in Speech Communication.
I am so thankful to God for placing me at SCCS for my senior year and owe much of my readiness, both spiritually and academically, to the students and staff of Santa Clarita Christian School. When I think back to the SCCS days, there is not one thing that comes to mind... EVERYTHING about the school is exceptional and worth mentioning. The teachers truly go above and beyond to invest in their students and explain the reason behind the lesson. The athletic teams are centered around the pursuit of holiness, and even the administration staff did everything possible to shape me into a disciplined man of God. I am blessed and grateful for each interaction, each conversation, each laugh, and each prayer. Go Cardinals!

Brett Thomas R.

I graduated from SCCS in 2011 and am a sophomore at the The Master's College majoring in Business Administration. I originally came to SCCS as a sophomore in high school, and bluffed a fake testimony to those around me in hopes of fitting in. But God put students, teachers and role models around me who saw past my lie and constantly pursued not only my salvation, but a relationship with me. This ended up in me coming to Christ my senior year. Without SCCS, I possibly would have never heard the true gospel, and wouldn't have the real, honest, and loving friendships I have today. Academically, the courses given were challenging and prepared me for what I would encounter during college. The teachers went out of their way to show their love to my fellow students and me, and even maintain a strong and close relationship today. I am very grateful for SCCS and one day, when I have kids of my own, will put them in this school as well.


Ethan V.

I graduated in 2012 from SCCS and have just been hired by the Riverside Sheriff's Department. Coming out of SCCS, I felt prepared and confident to enter college, due to the excellent teaching and Biblical principles SCCS instilled in me. Not only did SCCS give me a strong academic platform, but most importantly prepared me spiritually for my transition into young adulthood. As I embark on my career in law enforcement I will continue to pursue my academic goals of obtaining an associates degree in criminal justice and a bachelors degree in communications.


Ryan F.

Graduation Year: 2012

College: Pepperdine University

I appreciated the fact that the teachers really do care about you as a person. Of course they wanted to see you succeed in the classroom, but they also sought to prepare you for life after high school. Whether it was spiritual, academic, or social skills, their end goal was to see you be the best person you could be.


Mark A.

Graduation Year: 2003
Westmont College
I'm a CPA,  working at Direct Relief, a nonprofit that provides medical support to those treating the medically underserved
I appreciated the role models I had at SCCS; Godly people to look up to are crucial to have in high school. I still remember some of the things Mr. Sulham said to us in basketball practice. I was really grateful for the way teachers would encourage kids who weren't as popular. SCCS gave me a great foundation from which to learn and question as I grew up and had to stand for my faith in the midst of temptation.


Chris Gonzalo M.

I graduated in 2012 and am now attending The Master's College majoring in Biology with an Emphasis in Pre-med. I really like the personal relationships the students can build with the teachers at SCCS. It's evident that they each care about the students as individuals. Mr. Brown’s AP Lit class really helped me to learn how to manage my time wisely because he, like college professors, assigned a section of reading and we were held responsible for completing it and understanding it prior to the test. Mrs. Wyllie also had a huge impact in my life.  Her explanation of how relationships and marriages are meant to be Biblically really helped me in my understanding of relationships and marriage.


Matt S.

I was in the graduating class of 2012and now attending UCLA. What I appreciate most about SCCS is the effort that each teacher puts, both academically and spiritually, into every student's life to ensure that he or she will leave with an education that is essential for college and for life.


James R.

I graduated from SCCS in 2005. I attended The Master’s College and graduated with a Business Degree. I am currently the Accounting Manager for a non-profit organization and my wife and I are in the process of raising support to become full-time missionaries in Mexico City. The SCCS faculty cares deeply for its students. They care for their academic and spiritual success. The teachers I had while I attended SCCS helped to guide and disciple me through my high school years. I owe my success to my teachers and appreciate this aspect of SCCS greatly.


Eric O.

'12, Baylor University, The AP classes were challenging and definitely prepared me above and beyond for what I would need at Baylor. I didn't feel any difficulty in the transition from high school to college. The responsibility and course work from the higher grade teachers were spot on.


Brianna L.

Graduated SCCS in 2012
Attending Baylor University as a pre-nursing student

Despite the fact that I attend a Baptist university, I have experienced that Christian students, wherever they may be, are put to the test. "Facts" and "history" are thrown at us. For some, it disestablishes their faith. If I was not grounded by the truth of Scripture, I may have found myself asking myself the same questions, unsure where to look for answers.
Santa Clarita Christian engraved certain skills into my mind that have, by God's grace, enabled me to navigate a path of truth through a sea of questions and "knowledge," which is essentially all that college is. I can distinguish truth from lie, which brings me the greatest joy and peace, even in this tumultuous college life.

I will always love and feel a part of the SCCS family.

Madi T.

Graduation year: 2012
College I'm attending: The Master's College
At SCCS, I greatly appreciated the faculty. The teachers were not only my instructors; they were my friends, mentors, and spiritual growth partners. They never ceased to pray with me (and for me), encourage me, correct me, and train me in the way of righteousness. The teachers at SCCS consistently exhibited Christ's love, care, and acceptance toward their students, which has left its mark on me.


Kaitlyn Danae P.

I graduated in 2010 and I am currently attending The Master's College as a biology major. I will graduate in May. I appreciated how involved the teachers were in our lives. We were not just a job to them, but they cared about us spiritually. Even though I have graduated, this is still something I appreciated about SCCS because my siblings are there and they all have great relationships with their teachers. Every weekend when I go home they have stories about their teachers and they talk about them like they are friends, they go out to lunch with them and hang out after school. That is something that would only be possible at a school like SCCS, you would not see that type of dynamic at a public school.


Haylie B.

Graduation Year: 2010
College: The American University, Washington D.C.
Major: International Relations
Minor: Special Education
Career: I have been offered a full time job at Special Olympics International in the Project UNIFY division. I will be getting my Masters and Doctorate in International Special Education Policy. I hope to work within educational systems across the global; improving the lives of individuals with disabilities through education.
I thoroughly appreciated the experience I had at SCCS throughout my high school years. Each teacher took a vested interest in my life, not only academically, but personally and spiritually as well. I feel these relationships shaped the person I am today, and I will be eternally grateful for these teachers and my time at SCCS. I also feel IServe had a major impact on my life and was able to teach me the importance of service, which I have carried over into my adult life.


Lizzie L.

I graduated in the class of 2010 from SCCS and I'm proud to say it was a day both of great joy and sadness, as I left a place that was a second home to me for four years. It was not until my freshman year of college, however, when I fully discovered just how blessed I was to go there. I am now a junior at Biola University studying English Literature and Secondary Education, along with the Biblical studies minor required of us. Thus, I can affirm, three years in, that I was completely prepared for university life because of SCCS... well, the academic part at least. I learned not merely to ask questions, but how to ask the right kinds of questions, not just how to speak up in class, but how to communicate effectively and assertively-- so much so that I was accepted onto the Biola Forensics Team (Speech and Debate). SCCS equipped me with not only content competence, but tactics in learning well, whatever subject I was in. I've even used some of my AP work (essays and projects) for many of my courses here, because the reading material was the same. I'm forever grateful for the loving guidance, apt academic instruction and teaching prowess of my high school educators, not to mention the personal investment in my life, both in and out of the classroom. They will always hold a special place in my heart.


Colin M.

I wish I had more time to truly express my love for SCCS I graduated in 2010, attended Howard Payne University and now attend COC.
I wish I had taken more advantage of all SCCS had to offer and the amazing environment it provided, but I did struggle as a student and with my faith. Gladly, God has transformed my life and I can really see how great of a place SCCS really is. What I appreciate most is the faculty members who are there entirely just to serve and be used by God. Lets be honest, working at SCCS you're not rolling in the dough, and now with making my own money and paying my own bills, I see how hard it is and how big your faith has to be that God will provide. So take all that, and add the amazing, genuine care that the teachers have in you're life and the pride they take in your success. It's truly a beautiful thing. I love that place and love that I was raised there!


Megan Y.

SCCS Class of 2012
Attending UC Irvine

I want to thank SCCS because they have really equipped me to stay strong in the Lord and trust in Him. Now that I'm attending a public university, I always keep that in mind and continue to grow more and more in Christ.


Elisa A.

Elisa Adams
Class of 2010
The Master’s College

SCCS played a key role in shaping me during a few of the most pivotal years of my life. Not only were precious memories created but important lessons, which have followed me into my college years, were taught. One of the most practical ways my high school years prepared me for higher education was participating in AP classes. It provided me with both college credits and prepared me for the rigor of the college classroom. They cultivated discipline, critical thinking, and study skills. Yet, truly, the most profitable aspect of these classes was the fact that they were taught from a Biblical perspective by teachers who truly care. I could not be more thankful for my years at SCCS.


Kaley M.

I graduated in 2009 and went to Azusa Pacific University studying nursing. I will graduate in May 2014 with my BSN RN. My favorite aspect of SCCS was the family feel of it, both in the classroom and out.


Christina G.

I graduated from SCCS in 2006, went to CSUN and am about a month away from graduating from the police academy. Upon graduation, I will be working in the city of Torrance as a police officer. What I appreciate most about SCCS was the foundation I was able to form spiritually. Through Bible class, chapel, the leadership, and accountability of peers I was able to grow spiritually and was equipped for the next transition in my life. Academically, I appreciated the smaller class sizes. I felt I was able to get extra/individual help if needed.


Meghan Rebecca W.

2006. The Master's College - BA in Biblical Counseling. I am currently the Music and Student Ministries Secretary at Calvary Bible Church.

SCCS helped me strive for academic success by challenging the way I approached the process of education in the first place. I learned that a good education is not defined by "performing well" to meet a standard of excellence set by the State or by memorizing historical facts and mathematical equations to test well into a college or university. But rather, their deeply personalized encouragement and support of academic excellence within its student body primarily functioned off of the foundational principals of training students to live in, think critically about, and contribute well to the society they are a part of through the lens of a Biblical worldview centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ. Therefore, education and a strict adherence to academic standards, are pursued, not for the purpose of gaining prestige in this world, but to make much of Christ and the message of the Gospel! This kind of education breached the boundaries of preparation necessary for institutions of higher learning and equipped me to excel in the world beyond.


Chantell Dennis

I graduated from SCCS in 2007. I attended the Master's College for two years and am currently pursuing the field of Property Management. I am an Assistant Property Manager at an apartment complex in Stevenson Ranch, CA.

I really loved being at SCCS for many reasons. I enjoyed being able to participate in multiple activities: SLC, Chapel Band, Choir and Soccer. I also loved the Bible classes with Mrs. Swales & Mr. Duncan.

I took AP English class my senior year, even though I hadn't done any AP classes before, and passed my test allowing me to skip the English course in college - which was awesome!

Some of my favorite teachers were Mrs. Wyllie, Mrs. Swales, Mr. Duncan and Mr. Brown!


Jared Dennis:

Graduated from SCCS in 2006
Graduated from The Master's College (3 years) in 2009 with a Degree in Pre-Med/Biology

I am currently pursuing a career in Medical Sales at Dynasplint Systems Inc.

He enjoyed the Bible classes as well as being able to participate in multiple sports (Baseball, Basketball & Football) and being in the chapel band and choir.

Chantell and I were married in June 2010. We really enjoyed our experience at SCCS.