SCCS Athletic Philosophy

Commitment to Excellence
Our philosophy is to do our best as we strive to be the best. We believe as Christians we are commanded by scripture always to do our best. As believers we are not to waste the talents God has given us by giving anything less than total commitment, thorough participation and maximum effort. Becoming the best may not always be the result of our athletic program, however doing our best must be.

Role Model Coaches
Our desire is to have coaches who model Christ-like attitudes, and behavior. In order to be considered an effective coach and role model, our coaches must also be thoroughly knowledgeable in their sport, capable of detailed preparation, able to motivate athletes, able to make adjustments during competition and actively give meaning to each situation a team or individual athlete may face.

SCCS Athlete
All of our athletes should be diligent to strive in preparation, disciplined, respectful to others, self-controlled in speech, humble in spirit, and aggressive in pursuit of excellence. When Christian athletes display these qualities, good things often happen; teams are successful, players motivated, fans supportive, parents proud, and often unbelievers are drawn to Christ. Above all Christ is glorified.