Individual Academic Support

Individual Academic Support (IAS) is a program that works closely with teachers, administrators, parents, and students to improve student success in the classroom.

IAS endeavors to assist students facing academic struggles. 

The following IAS services are available:

  • one-on-one tutoring during school hours in the areas of reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, mathematics, memory recall, central auditory processing, and/or speech;
  • testing students to help determine special learning needs;
  • referral to, and coordination of, evaluations with public school/medical services;
  • recommendations of customized classroom strategies for teachers to specifically assist the student;
  • developing learning strategies and/or study skills; and
  • creating accommodations to the curriculum when necessary for student success.

In the IAS office, Mrs. Cardenas provides individual attention to each student enabling them to accomplish more in the classroom.  Parent and teacher conferences are scheduled monthly to discuss the child’s progress and you may call anytime you have questions or desire an update.   The goal of IAS is to enable your child to become an independent learner and achieve academic success.  Please contact Teri Cardenas in the Individual Academic Support office, if you would like more information.



Teri Cardenas
[email protected]