Elementary School

At Santa Clarita Christian School (SCCS), we are prepared to give your child the undivided attention, instruction and guidance their young minds and hearts 6th Grade Graduationdemand.

At SCCS students are loved, protected, nurtured, developed and cared for. With God’s Word as our foundation, SCCS lives up to its mission to not only pursue academic excellence, promote spiritual growth, and encourage character development, but to challenge each student to make a difference in the world for God. We prepare our students for success, but also for leadership and service to this world that God has given us.

At SCCS, we have the tools each student needs to discover their potential - Whether on the stage during our Christmas or Spring Concerts, at one of the many sports programs offered to our students or in the classroom as they are challenged and guided by their teachers.

It is with confidence that you can entrust your child’s education to SCCS. The SCCS student body consistently scores near the 80th national percentile ranking on yearly achievement tests. Because we are not limited by state guidelines, our curriculum prepares our students not only for successful testing, but provides them with critical thinking skills for successful learning.

At SCCS, we believe that preparing for college begins in Kindergarten. Every student in the SCCS family is systematically, comprehensively and prayerfully prepared to embark on the path of success.