Dual Credit/Enrollment Program

Santa Clarita Christian School takes preparing its students for college beyond college prep into college completion. Through an integrated use of AP courses, Dual Enrollment classes, and Dual Credit College Classes students can complete over a year’s worth of college credits while completing their high school program. These advanced classes are offered through special agreements with outside Christian colleges which hold to the same Christian World View as SCCS. College credits earned through this program are accepted at most colleges across the country but students should check with their prospective institutions to be aware of their individual transfer credit policies.

Dual Credit College Classes

Dual Credit College Classes are college approved classes at SCCS that are taught by SCCS teachers.  Students will attend the class just as they would any other class on their schedule. The course syllabus and curriculum is set out by the college and the student expectations are the same as for a college class taken on the college campus. These classes earn a 5 point GPA on the students High School transcript as well as earning the student college credits.  These classes run for the entire school year and complete credit is not earned unless the student accomplishes both semesters.

Along with these college credit earning classes all students bound for college should make sure they have a well-rounded transcript that includes the Arts, Humanities, Language, Mathematics, Sciences, Physical Education, and most importantly a Biblical foundation for future success in life both in and beyond college.   Every student should meet with the College Counselor to set out a personal plan to achieve their individual goals.

Dual Enrollment Program

The Master's College LogoThe SCCS Dual Enrollment Program is a joint effort with The Master’s College (TMC) to provide college credit to high school students while fulfilling credits for their high school graduation.  The program is open to qualified highly motivated Juniors and Seniors at SCCS.  The courses are primarily online and students will have support from both TMC staff and SCCS staff.  These are regular college level courses that run for 16 weeks and will require regular participation and classwork.  Due to the rigor of the program students will receive honors credit for each class they complete.  The courses provided through the dual enrollment program will also earn the student college credit.  Credits earned will vary by class, most are three credit courses except for lab science classes which earn four credits. 

With each course students will also be adding to their college transcript.  This is an actual college transcript from TMC and is transferable to most colleges across the nation.  To be eligible to participate in the program students must complete the TMC enrollment application and be accepted into the TMC program.  This enrollment process is identical to the enrollment process required of all college students seeking entrance to TMC and will allow the student to be accepted as a TMC student after graduation from SCCS.

The course offerings within the SCCS Dual Enrollment Program are always growing and are targeted to provide students with one class per semester for their Junior and Senior years.  There are also summer class offerings that students can petition to complete.  There is an additional fee of $100.00 per college unit credit for each class taken.  Lab science courses will require the students to meet at The Master’s College campus on designated Saturdays for actual lab projects.