“I love that I have always been able to get one-on-one help from teachers when needed,” said Tim Nakhla, 2017 SCCS graduate. “SCCS prepared me for the future.” Nakhla is attending UCSD and is pursuing a degree in Neurobiology.

At Santa Clarita Christian School, we are not only committed to Christian education, but we strive for academic excellence as we prepare students to make a difference in the world for God.

At SCCS, our students get individualized counseling sessions on a regular basis.  Starting in the 8th grade, a four-year plan is laid out to maximize a student’s potential for success in high school.  As a student progresses through high school, they are encouraged not only to take classes that meet the minimum graduation requirements, but also to take advanced courses that help them compete for top colleges and universities.  Each student’s academic status, education plan, and transcript are reviewed to ensure that they are on the right path to achieve their academic goals and are eligible to compete for the colleges of their choice.

We offer a free SAT/ACT prep course to all our students as we introduce them to different concepts and strategies to strengthen their test taking abilities focusing on core skills in reading, writing and math.   We encourage our juniors to take the SAT twice and the ACT once and our seniors to take both tests at least once in the fall to maximize their potential for success.

All our sophomores and juniors take the PSAT exam with some of our students scoring in the top 3% of the nation, among 1.5 million participants.

We currently offer 4 honors courses, and 7 AP courses, and we continue to see a rise in the number of students competing for these classes.  Last year, our students participated in 134 AP exams in the following subjects:- AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Calculus AB, AP English Literature, AP English Language and Composition, AP Biology, AP United States Government and Politics, and AP United States History.