Philosophy Of Education

Santa Clarita Christian School is committed to developing young people to be extraordinary 21st century influencers for Christ to our community and world.  We seek not only to educate our students in challenging and rigorous academics but to train their hearts to apply that knowledge in tangible ways that affect others.  The writer of James concluded, after confronting the idea that faith and knowledge by themselves was sufficient,  “…I will show you my faith by my works.”

It is that same drive that SCCS takes on in today’s world of ethics less philosophy.  Our purpose statement states we are here to be “Teaching minds, Training Hearts for God”.  That purpose is carried out through five specific focuses within the program.

First is our focus on Spiritual Development.  In order for a student to see their unique abilities and the contributions they bring this world they must have a clear perspective on who they are and what the world around them is all about.  Without the proper world view the lens we look through can alter our reality.  Our purpose as a school is to bring faith into view and into clarity, to produce students with a love for God.  It is never too early to begin teaching children about God, and never futile to instill in young adults the need to view everything through the lens of Scripture and to put their beliefs into action.

We are committed to Academic Excellence.   At SCCS we maintain a small student to teacher ratio to provide the most personal and caring environment to encourage young minds to explore and discover the wonders of God’s creation.  We provide a continually growing number of Honors and AP course selections to challenge and stretch the abilities of each learner.  Through our college planning counselor we help our students see their future dreams come to fruition.  

Creative Expression is one of the ways we show the fingerprint of God on our lives and at the same time bring glory to Him.  God is the ultimate example of creative expression and as we help students develop their talents they learn to express the beauty and splendor of our Lord through their skills.  The ability to creatively express is also a crucial skill in communication and problem solving.

At SCCS we take our Athletics seriously, but not just for the competition side of it.  Oh don’t get me wrong our teams really enjoy winning, but the joy of winning is only as great as the effort and discipline that went in to preparing for the competition.  Athletics is seen as a great avenue to teach self-discipline, commitment, purpose, teamwork, and striving for excellence.   Coaches purposefully instruct their athletes in Christlike character.  Unity is learned and fellowship achieved as these athletes run their race with endurance side by side encouraging each other along the way.

All of the program focuses come to bear in the area of Servant Leadership.  It is in this area that we are able to see all the other four areas lived out in a tangible way.  Students at SCCS are trained not to only excel academically but also how to take those skills and lead in their churches and community.  Teaching and providing the opportunities for students to apply their Christian faith in real world situations helps to develop leadership skills and confidence for life.

And I guess that is the simplest way to express what we do at SCCS.  We don’t just educate our students to pass a test or course, we prepare them for life, to live a life that is Christ centered, academically sound, and expressed to its’ fullest so it might impact the world.

We invite you to be a part of the Santa Clarita Christian School family and experience all there is here.


God bless,

Kirk S. Huckabone
Santa Clarita Christian School