What is ParentsWeb?

ParentsWeb is the Internet portal used by parents and students to access important information from Santa Clarita Christian School (SCCS). RenWeb is actually the Student Information System used by the school. Much data entered in RenWeb by faculty and staff can be viewed by parents within ParentsWeb.


Why does each user need a separate email address?

Every site that requires registration or login requires each individual to have a unique user name. Just like a social security number for the government, the user name lets the site know what the user is entitled to. Some allow users to choose their own, and some use an email address. Since RenWeb is configured to use an email address, each individual needs a unique one to log in.


Why can't my child use my parent login for ParentsWeb?

The primary reason is identity. Students logging in as a parent do not have access to Web Tests, nor can they view Classroom Surveys that are assigned only to students. In addition, parents have access to sibling information and accounting information that students do not.


What if we don't have Internet access at home?

If your family does not have access to the Internet at home, please contact the school and we will be happy to work out a solution that works for your family.


What if my child does not have an email account?

There are numerous free email services such as Yahoo!, GMail, and Hotmail where you and/or your child can obtain an email account. In addition, most Internet Service Providers, such as Comcast, Earthlink, and AOL, allow several secondary accounts at no additional charge. We recommend this option for younger students because most of these providers have parental controls available.


I have more than one email address, can one be assigned to my child?

ABSOLUTELY! We recognize that some of our students are not yet prepared for the responsibility of a personal email account. The address is needed primarily for login purposes. Communication is an added bonus. If you choose to submit your business email address for yourself, you can still submit your personal email address for your child. Just be sure to let us know which email address it is that you want to be used for your child.


OK, I have an email address my child can use. Now what?

The first step is to make sure we have it. Submit your name and your child's name, grade level, and email address to the SCCS Office. Of course, students may submit this information on their own, but they must be sure not to omit anything. A simple "Hey, I want to get on ParentsWeb" from the school office will not suffice. Please be sure to allow at least 24 business hours for your request to be honored.

The second step requires you to use the ParentsWeb link at sccs.cc to complete the First-time user registration process. Directions are simple to follow, and you should be emailed a password within 24 hours if successful.


I completed the First-time User registration over 24 hours ago, but I never received my password. What do I do?

First, make sure your email service is not blocking email from RenWeb or from Santa Clarita Christian School. The two domains are renweb.com and sccs.cc. Second, try the "forgot password" link on the appropriate page to be emailed a new one. If you still don't get your password, contact the school and we will try to retrieve it.


How am I supposed to remember the 6-digit password?

You don't have to! Once you log in successfully, you can use the "Change Password" link at the bottom left to select a secure password that is easier to remember.


When I log in using the email address I submitted and the password I received, I get an error message. What does this mean?

There are a few possible causes for failed logins:

  1. High traffic on RenWeb servers. Sometimes updates or high levels of access can cause login errors. This is beyond our control, but is usually very rare and very temporary.
  2. Certain relationship preferences must be set for parents to properly access the site. If these are missing, login errors can occur.
  3. A student must be enrolled for the current school year to login. While newly registered students can set up their accounts and receive passwords, they cannot log in until the new school year begins.
  4. In cases 1 and 2, you should wait a couple of hours and try to log in again. If you still have trouble, contact the SCCS Office.


Why can't I see one of my children listed in all areas?

This has to do with relationship settings in the database. If you log in and don't see all of your enrolled children listed in the various areas (attendance, classrooms, report cards, etc.), please contact the school with your name and child's name and grade level to have the error corrected.


My email address has changed, what do I need to do?

Send your new email address to the SCCS Office along with your name and, if you are a student, your grade level. Since your email address is your user name, you can continue to log in with the old one until your new one is entered. Your password should remain the same.