Athletics is an important extension of Santa Clarita Christian School (SCCS). As an extension of the school, our goal is to mature students through hard work, discipline and conduct that is glorifying to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As the above verse reads, we are to do all for Christ, which includes athletics.

Athletics provides valuable lessons for our students, such as: teamwork, sportsmanship, winning, losing and hard work. Our program exists to develop student’s hearts and minds through participation in interscholastic athletics. As Christians we have the opportunity and responsibility to be witnesses of our faith, athletics provides that opportunity.

Also, no program is successful without a very key ingredient. That ingredient is called commitment.

Without commitment, athletes and coaches will fail. Commitment in athletics is necessary for all parties involved: the athlete, coach, school and parent(s).

Please take time to read our policies, commit to them and be willing to follow the guidelines before you become involved in the program.

Thank you for your support of our athletic teams. Our prayer is that you would be a parent/athlete that is committed to excellence and pursuing all things to the glory of God!